Flight Tips

Las Vegas is served by several discount airlines like Southwest Airlines and Allegiant Air which will not show in the multi-airline search systems like Kayak, Priceline, Orbitz, etc.

If you’re traveling from a small airport in the Western U.S., you may wish to try Allegiant Airlines.  Click here for their route map.  They start with low base rates and then make all the optional services, well, optional for an extra fee.  If you can forego options like checked luggage and pre-assigned seating, you can get to Vegas even cheaper.

Hotel Shuttle

The Red Rock offers a complimentary airport shuttle for hotel guests.  It normally runs every 2 hours.  Click here for the standard airport shuttle schedule.  But for our peak arrival (2pm – 10pm on May 2nd) and our peak departure (10am – 6pm on May 6) times, the airport shuttle will run hourly.

The Red Rock also offers a complimentary shuttle to/from the Fashion Show Mall in the heart of the Strip.  This shuttle also normally runs every 2 hours.  Click here for the standard strip shuttle schedule.


Parking is FREE at the Red Rock.